Czerwień Skotnicka Adwokaci is a group of individual law firms, bringing together specialists in various areas of law. We are a forward-looking Law firm with traditional values. Our team is composed of renowned and experienced lawyers. We implement in work new solutions and cooperate with technology incubators. We comprehensively support our clients in pre-litigation negotiations as well as in court. Covering numerous fields of law, our offer is addressed to both individual clients and businesses.


Personal Data Protection - GDPR

We provide comprehensive legal services regarding personal data protection law, including implementation of GDPR, day to day management, audits. We provide our clients with Data Protection Impact Assesment, Balancing Tests, reports. We adjust marketing strategies to GDPR and e-privacy requirements. We represent our clients in court proceedings related to personal data protection claims and before the Data Protection Authorities.

Advisory Services for Companies and Startups

We offer support and advice to both sole proprietorships and companies in their daily operations, throughout their establishment, active years and liquidation/bankruptcy.


We conduct legal proceedings within civil law, commercial law and administrative law. We specialize in actions for payment, damages, compensation for expropriation of real estate, inheritance proceedings, usucapion, family law and partition of joint property.

Real Estate

We specialize in proceedings aimed at real estate restitution, usucaption as well as all cases related to establishment of easement, division or property boundaries.
Our consulting services cover developer agreements and all stages of investment processes. We manage all types of proceedings pertaining to housing associations and cooperatives.

International Criminal Law

We represent our clients in legal proceedings within international criminal law, i.e. proceedings seeking extradition or conducted under European Arrest Warrant (EAW). We offer legal help to clients injured abroad.

Criminal Law

We specialize in criminal law and defend clients facing allegations of fiscal offence or economic crime. Our advocates provide legal aid throughout the pre-trial proceedings before law enforcement authorities, court proceedings, at execution stage before penitentiary court, acting as defense lawyers or attorneys of the injured party and subsidiary prosecutors.

Family Law

Our wide range of services include cases concerning divorce, child support, termination or limitation of parental rights and custody. We also represent minors in proceedings before family court.

Labour Law

We provide advisory support within HR departments, developing internal regulations and procedures.
We conduct court proceedings related to protection of workers’ claims as well as employers’ protection before labour court.

Medical Law

We provide ongoing legal services to healthcare entities where the main focus is on patients’ claims and court proceedings concerning medical malpractice. We provide documents and legal opinions for our clients, in particular independent public healthcare institutions and clinics. We act before the Voivodeship Commission for Evaluation of Medical Events.

Representation at Disciplinary Hearings

We offer representation to self-employed professionals in all proceedings concerning professional responsibility and disciplinary responsibility before disciplinary boards/professional conduct committees of Bar Associations, Chamber of Physicians, etc. as well as before national authorities.

Advocates:  Wojciech Bergier  |  Jakub Skowronek


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